Firefox browser history

Forgot, want to see again, or check what others’ visited;

Your answer is your Browser’s History…



Now , the turn comes to “Firefox”,


1- To open History, you can:

* Click on “History” in the Menu bar. (Fig. 1); in this menu , you’ll find a list with the latest visited websites.

* Also, select “Show all History” from History Menu, or Press CTRL + Shift + H.

Now, it should be opened in a new window (named: Library):



Arranging the History pages:

You can arrange the visited web pages according to different criteriae, such as: Site, Most Visited, and Order Visited Today. Simply, in the Library Window, click the “Views” button then click “Sort”, and choose how you want to arrange the web pages.


Search for a Specific Web Page

If you remember a word from a Web address or from the Web page itself, you can search in the history for that word to look for the Web page.

In the “Library” Window, go the “Search History” textbox, then type the term or phrase you’re looking for, and press “Enter”. Firerfox displays a list of all Web pages that include mention of that term in the address or on the Web page.


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