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Child Proofing Your Home
A sometimes satirised yet common aspect of modern parenting is that we go to all sorts of measures all for the simple cause of keeping child safety as top priority. The truth is, while bundling them in bubble wrap and cotton wool is a bit extreme, there’s no shame in taking the right precautions to ensure they’re well protected – it’s only natural instinct to look after them when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Baby Monitoring Radios
One of the most popular ways of keeping tabs on your baby without having to devote every waking second to them is through the wonders of technology, specifically through baby monitors. We at Olivers not only provide one-way radios, but also supply models with built-in thermometers to measure room and baby temperature.

However, it’s often agreed that being able to listen to your child from another room is no substitute for making actual checks regularly, so don’t rely on the monitor too much if in the rare event your or the baby’s radio should power down or there’s a problem that you wouldn’t be able to hear through the intercom.

Summertime Baby Protection
For the summer months, the muggy conditions can often cause as much discomfort for your baby as it does for everyone else in the house. If your child’s room is experiencing problems in controlling the temperature, its worth investing in a humidifier to help everyone get a good night’s sleep and keep your baby’s body temperature in check.

Other items available regarding child safety are insect nets for cots, cribs and beds. Insect bites can often cause swelling for days afterwards, and can then start bleeding if scratched, leaving the wound open to infection. Clearly nets should be a necessity to your child’s health if your house is in an area where insect life is rife and the pesky unwanted guests can find their way inside – have a look around to see what design would work best.

Childproof Gates & Locks
Before buying into guards and rails, do a quick safety assessment of your house. Don’t pass everything off as a risk to child safety – instead try and observe what arouses their curiosity and where they’re most likely to go if given free roam. While locking close gates are often a vital safeguard for houses with a flight of stairs, there’s also a variety of locks and guards for a number of purposes around the house, including a number of versatile cabinet locks to keep medicine cupboards shut tight.

Child Safety – Outdoor Equipment. For when you’re out and about, it can only take a moment for you or your child to become distracted, and suddenly they’re lost. Child harnesses may look restrictive, but it’s generally agreed that a child’s curiosity can still be satisfied, but with a gentle tug you know they won’t be wandering off too far without you knowing.

Child car safety.
In the car is obviously a time to make sure your child’s seated and buckled up correctly. As well as a range of items to make sure their baby car Safety is top notch, we also have a range of shades and blinds to keep cool during the summer.

Also available for outdoor child safety is a range of swimming equipment to keep them happy in the pool, from water wings to full-sized inflatables, plus cossies and goggles to keep the skin healthy from over-exposure to the chlorinated waters.

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