The Street Has Been Feeling Volatile

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The Street Has Been Feeling Volatile
I’ve become unnerved.

Not in the way that you’d think…

about shooting strangers closeup on the streets at night…

but just about some of the shit I’ve seen go down on the street.

It’s really got nothing to do with photography…

and everything to do with my proximity to the craziness.

The camera pulls me to places I probably wouldn’t go otherwise.

At night.

When people are feeling rowdy.

And in the past few weeks I’ve just seen the most bizarre shit go down.

It’s not that I think the streets are becoming more violent…

it’s me.

When I go out with other shooters… especially one’s I’m showing how to do it…

I feel really responsible for their safety.

That keeps me out of the tough spots I think.

When I go out by myself I don’t think about stuff like that…

I just keep my ‘situational awareness’ up and I move towards the action.

I’ve had more than a couple close calls over the last three weeks.

I ducked and I dodged and I split and got out of every jamb.

But sometimes I think my luck’s gonna run out.

Saturday night a couple of guys came up behind me…

and I heard one of them say ‘the camera’s on his right’… kinda whispering it really.

I stopped at the corner I was waiting for the light to turn at and then did a quick cross against the light.

When I looked back at them they knew I was on to it and they went the other way.

Things can really turn on you in a split second out there.

And they have.

I can handle myself in a lot of situations with fast talking or even faster walking.

There are four guys who’ve hit the ground after my Nikon’s hit their heads.

The last few weeks I’ve seen people that have just been so volatile.

Maybe it’s the weather.

The economy.

Genetically modified food.


Or that wicked gang fight I photographed a few weeks ago.

Saturday night I shot so long that I lost track of time.

When the sun came up it took me by surprise.

The street was still jumpin’ at four and five in the morning.

Summertime gives me a lot of opportunities to shoot festivals and things in the day.

I’m so passionate about the challenges of nightime closeup street shooting though.

It’s hard to break away.

Last year I got into with four guys.

Took a few punches.

They weren’t bad ass or anything…

and they really didn’t even mess me up.

But one of those bruises they gave me broke up and a tiny bloodclot ended up in a vein in my heart.

The ‘widowmaker.’

And I was treated to my very first heart attack because of it.

That was some way to wake up I’ll tell you.

Felt like I had an arrow shot straight through my chest and it’d come out the other side.

I took some baby aspirin an it all went away real fast without any damage.

But then I discovered I was allergic to aspirin.

I had a nice three day stay in the hospital over that one.

I gotta figure out what I’m doing that’s putting me in the center of all of this shit.

Or something.

Didja ever get the feeling like your luck’s gonna run out?


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