Cybersafe: How To Protect Your Online Life

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Cybersafe: How To Protect Your Online Life

Product Description
If you think you’re secure online and don’t need this book, you REALLY need it!

From keeping your kids and finances safe on the internet, to stopping your business being held to ransom by cyber crooks, Cybersafe provides examples and practical advice on cyber security and how to stay safe online. The world of cyber security tends to be full of impenetrable jargon and solutions that are impractical for individuals and small businesses. Cybersafe the book aims to demystify the world of cyber security and make it easy to protect yourself online from increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals.

In it you will learn:

As an individual

Decipher the meaning of all those terms you hear bandied around related to cyber crime.
What is the difference between phishing and spearphishing and is it important
What are the simplest and easiest ways to protect yourself online
How do you secure your personal data to avoid identity theft
How to use social media without compromising your online safety
How to communicate securely
How to protect yourself from email scams
Protecting yourself while shopping online
Are your kids toys spying on you? The Internet of Things. What is it and how do make sure your home isn’t open for hackers
How to create a hack proof but easy to remember password

As an SME

Quick fixes to protect your business online
How to “secure your gates” against hackers
How to encrypt your sensitive information to protect it from competitors and criminals
How to trade online securely
How to stop your internet lifeline from being taken down by hackers
How to prevent your business being held to ransom by online racketeers
Insuring your business against worst case cyber crime scenarios

…And much, much more.

The online world can be a scary place, but taking the right action can help protect you, your family, and your business. Don’t be scared, be prepared!

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