Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, Garage diorama details

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Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, Garage diorama details
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Garage diorama details:

Reported to Nutshell Laboratories, Monday, January 7, 1946.

Hugh Patterson, Vice-President, Suburban Bank, was found dead in the garage by his wife, Sue Patterson.

Mrs. Patterson was questioned and gave the following statement:

Hugh had gone out alone in the car after dinner on Saturday, January 5, 1946. He often did this, especially lately, and stayed out very late. Sunday morning when he hadn’t come home by breakfast time. Mrs. Patterson went to the garage to see if the car was there. She looked in the left-hand door and saw Hugh hanging out of the car. She then telephoned the local police station for help as she couldn’t reach the doctor.

When the patrolman arrived he went around to the back, broke the glass, climbed in the window and opened both doors. He left, again through the window so as not to disturb footprints in the front. He found the garage full of gas fumes, the car’s ignition turned on, and the gas tank empty.

Hugh had seemed troubled for some time and money hadn’t been as plentiful as it once was. Some time ago, he told her that he carried heavy life insurance, with the double indemnity clause for accident, in her favor, and about that time he deeded the house over to her. He had begun to drink a good deal lately.

The model shows the premises just after the patrolman left the garage by way of the window.
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