Mizzou Klan Murders Civil Rights Scholar Dr. C. Chad Cronon

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Mizzou Klan Murders Civil Rights Scholar Dr. C. Chad Cronon
"Listen up!" as Chad likes to announce when it’s time for his courtroom presentation. like me, Chad is a radical social activist. he told me how Rosa’s criminal violations, arrest, and appeals were all a set up by the N.A.A.C.P. My arrest off of the witness stand was a set up by myself so Beasley couldn’t get any truly appealable issues from me. Orange county fucked everything up. they buried me in prison after more criminal Brady violations than Chad and I could count. They refused to deduce in writing my assistance. It would have been a written confession contradicting the perjured testimony they deliberately elicited from Glen Harris. I sent them an email, and Cate and I told Bankowitz that I launched the investigation that lead to Beasley’s warrantless arrest. They chose to have him read his falsified arrest report into evidence, then proceeded to paint Cate & I as sympathizers. Cate was nudging me in the courtroom she was so pissed.

Big fucking mistake counselors. I told Karen Bankowitz that I had taken the witness stand in a New York state divorce action when a mother was allowing a Bard College student access to her 13 year old daughter. "You haven’t lived until you’ve been cross examined by a $600. an hour member of the New York Bar…" I said. Bankowitz just giggled.

Chad said that if Glen lied to her, she may have had to pick his word over mine. I told Professor Cronon "If she believed that I was capable of lying about the circumstances by which Cate & I became witnesses then she had no business putting us on the stand. That could be subornation of perjury… They can’t have it both ways. We were either telling the truth or we were not. Catherine witnessed Glen Harris tell us that he was just going to put in his arrest report that he got an anonymous phone call to erase us as agents. Both her key witnesses knew & could validate the truth. I told Karen that I still had the little piece of paper that he scribbled his direct phone number on. I couldn’t forge his handwriting. I’ve never seen it… Why would she knowingly put two LYING key witnesses on the stand? Either way she suborned perjury…"

Chad flipped his head to the side in absolute agreement, took a drag from his cigarette, and turned to look at me in disbelief.., "Heather, do you realize how quickly you just put that together?"

This conversation with Dr. Cronon was before we knew that the man trafficking the girl to Beasley, Scott Rozear Mason had just been arrested on December 14, 2012, for the murder 18 year old Matthew A. Nestle. We were trying to find a way to get the rest of the criminal organization of pederasts Project Innocent Inc ‘involuntarily dissolved’ on the Florida Department of the Treasury’s website sunbiz.org.

I had gotten into 2 verbal phone confrontations with the Orange County Florida States Attorney’s office in Orlando before we arrived in Orlando to take the stand. Chad Cronon’s Chapter 119 Records Request is being reloaded. I’ll paint out his particulars, and the particulars of the Beasley case. And for the record, these three idiots at the Orange County Florida states Attorney’s Office had a myriad of opportunities to do their god damned J.O.B. They refused. Now, Matthew A. Nestle can never celebrate his 19th birthday. He was murdered by the child sex trafficker Scott Rozear Mason who was present in that courtroom.

Karen Bankowitz had Glen Harris read a letter into evidence from Beasley to Mason. "Do whatever you have to do to keep them off of the stand…" By ‘them’ Beasley meant Cate & I. Chad said we should have been sequestered, and that my old invalid warrant should have been dropped. chad also said that these A.S.A.’s could have held a hearing for me right their in O.range County, as soon as the Beasley hearing was over, and dropped my charge or R.O.R.’d me so I could go home with my spouse. instead she had to be escorted for her protection by Orange Co. Sherriff’s deputies for her safety because Scott mason was there. She testified to how Beasley and mason were going to hide a child. That’s why I told Glen I’d call the real police if he didn’t ant to intervene on behalf of the child. So, every fucking year, for as long as I am alive, I will publicly cuss their sorry asses out.

Alicia Lawrence & Kim Mann tried to get over on me. It didn’t work out too well for them at the time. I remember trying to work out the details of how, and when we could travel all the way to Orlando to appear. The hearing had been set to happen by video from the Escambia County Courthouse in Pensacola to avoid having to make travel arrangements for Chris, Glen, Cate, and myself. then Beasley filed and won a motion to be able to face his accusers. 10 days before a new court date. We were fucking broke, and 10 hours away. The appearance time on the subpoena was 1:30pm June 16th, 2011. plus, we had to be deposed by Orange County A.S.A. Karen Bankowitz at 12 noon before we took the stand that day.

Now, I know that I am a mathematician who puts shit together rapidly, however, it’s not rocket science that a 10 hour drive WITHOUT STOPS the day you take the stand and get deposed at 12noon is a bit too much to ask. They didn’t want to pay for a room for us. They truly expected us to leave P-Cola at 12 Midnight to get to the courthouse by 12 noon, take the stand, and drive back for another 12 hours. That’s 28 hours WITHOUT sleep.

I explain this very reasonably to Alicia Lawrence, our witness handler. Her idiotic response, after discussing it with Bankowitz was "Well, you’ve known for 6 months that you had to appear in court as a witness…" She actually copped an attitude.

"Ummm. No ma’am. We’ve known that we were going to have to testify via video broadcast from the Escambia County Courthouse in PENSACOLA, 15 minutes away, for 6 months. Now, you tell us 10 days before court that we have to drive all the way to south Florida? we have no money for such a trip… You wouldn’t even have this second bite at the apple if it weren’t for us. I risked my life to get this sick bastard off the streets after you all turned him loose to catch 17 new charges in Missouri, and then gave him probation in site of said charges, to get access to ANOTHER victim. I don’t expect a medal but this ungrateful attitude is way out of line…"

Catherine was on the couch about to wet herself.

"Well, Beasley won a motion to face his accusers…" says Lawrence.

"I get it. However, I have sacrificed all I’m going to fix your screw ups with this sexual predator who likes his rape victims under the age of 5 and takes photos while he molests them. We can’t make it. I do have a lawyer ready to represent me in a motion for leniency. Do I need to go ahead and push back the hearing date so I can bring in Joe Kirkland?"

She then made arrangement for there to be a couple hundred dollars cash waiting for Catherine after her testimony so she would have the money to eat & get gas for her long trip home. I knew by the repeated threats from this office that I would be arrested off the stand on a 9 year old warrant that Chad said was invalid because I was openly & notoriously assisting in multiple investigations and told my assigned agents that I had the old warrant.

"I’m not going to arrest you…" Chris, from Homeland Security said as if it was a ridiculous notion.

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