Top Reasons to Own an Apple Mac Instead of a PC

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When people are looking to buy a new computer, whether for work or home use, they tend to opt out of buying an Apple Mac. Choosing Mac is perhaps one of the most wonderful computer investments you will ever make. There are a lot of companies that offer them at very affordable rates; comparing prices will of course save you a lot of money.


Many people who later decide against purchasing an Apple Mac because they are afraid that they may not to connect with others, because they erroneously feel that a Mac is not compatible with other systems.


You will discover that one of the biggest problems faced by people, who would love to buy a Mac to replace their computer, is that they are unsure as to whether they will be able to conveniently transfer data from their old computer to the new one. This is certainly no longer a problem; Microsoft has now allowed their “Office Programs” to be effectively applied to Macs.


Users also have the opportunity to conveniently access other types of popular software programs too. These days you will discover that Macintoshes also come with these three:


• Adobe Photoshop

• Access to iTunes

• MSN Messenger


If you find out that there are certain files you have on your old PC and your Macintosh does not seem to have the application to use them, fret not. There are lots of programs which are available that can assist you in transferring the files that are quite common for different types of computers to your Apple Mac, utilizing the right type of application.


You need to understand that there are certain programs i.e. Microsoft Publisher (which usually does not allow users to convert their files into an Apple Mac format) – thankfully, Apple has corrected this problem. These days, all the Intel based Apple Macs will allow users to boot up directly into MS Windows and allow users to make the required changes from Microsoft Publisher into an Apple Mac Application instead.


So you see you can get an Apple Mac, not only because it is beautiful and lightweight, but because it will meet all of your requirements whether you are using it at work or at home.


Apple Mac – A Graphic Designer’s Best Friend


It is very common to find that top graphic designers and advertising agencies use Apple Macs. Even though a lot of people in the country are using PCs, the Apple Mac still holds its own against all odds.




An Apple Macintosh is known to work a lot better;


• The operating system of the Apple Mac is 99% resistant to all types of known viruses and so rarely becomes infected.

• An Apple Mac can never be cloned! A Mac is simply Macintosh, period.

• The Macintosh is also known for handling very large and quite complex graphic files, far better than a PC.

• Apple Macs are known to be a lot more reliable than PCs.


Many companies believe that PC programs, such as PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel and so on, are great for offset printing; the truth is that they are really not. Why? These programs are really good for low resolution output to PC screens, copiers and network printers, but when you attempt to process them through an image setting equipment that is used for high-end offset printing, the result is something you would not want a third party to see.


Most graphic designers have experienced the following problems in the past;


1.   The colors from any MS software are produced in red, green & blue (RGB) and not in cyan, magenta, yellow & black (CMYK). This of course, is really not suitable for process printing for a 4 color. While the file can be converted, the color quality will suffer.


2.   The page size in United States software is totally different to Austrian sizes and there are always text flow formatting issues.


3.   The graphics that are created using MS software are usually low resolution. This means that when they are printed using the offset method, the result is highly pixilated graphics.


In order to avoid these problems, the best thing to do is to ensure that you invest in an Apple Mac – this is of course going to help you avoid wasting both your money and your time.


You also need to understand that a lot of die-hard printing companies and graphic designers are known not to take anyone who uses a PC to create artwork files seriously. A lot of experts in this field advise that graphic designers invest in an Apple Mac.

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