Cellphone Act Opener/Passive Opener

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For all you wanna be actors out there in the PP this technique can be used for your opening stages in your PU. Heres what youll need:

1.A cellphone
2.A DHV story
3.Some acting skills

Basically,you will be indirectly telling the people in the set a DHV story as they are overhearing your conversation. The DHV story can be anything, real or even made up, it just has to be interesting enough for the group to be interested in when you open them, or they can even open you (passively) with a question about your convo. This is how ull do it;

Step1. Select your target set.

Ex.*Spotted a 4 set sitting at a outside table or a resturant.

Step2. Take out your cellphone, while moving to an area near the set, close enough for them to hear you. (body shouldnt be facing the set directly, more to the side of you)

Ex.*Semi approach the group and lean against the railing near the table with the phone against your cheek as you commence your story.

Step3.Act out your DHV story on your cellphone as if you where telling your friend that the best thing in the world just happened to you. You should act out the DHV story with some excitement and energy but yet relaxed confidence. By acting it out with good energy you will show to the set indirectly that youre apporachable and of High Value.Also make sure youre talking loud enough for them to hear you. (If you execute the technique perfectly youll notice that the set might have toned down or even completely stop their conversation to eavsdrop on your convo, the better your energy the more likely youll be able to hook them.)

Ex.* “Yo John, you will never believed what happened to me yesterday! I was driving Sarah home from the bar and while we were in the car she wouldnt stop touching me. She said she wanted to do something dangerous then she climbed on my lap while i was still driving..and we almost got into a car accident!!Then…blah blah blah..

Step4.Finish your DHV story, *During this step you can either open the set with high value to start with or they can open you, depending on if they are extroverted enough to open you.(The opener should be related to your DHV story, asking an opinion etc., as for if they opened you itll be relating the story.)

Ex.*”….I know right..she was pretty cute and all but she wasnt experianced enough to tame me lol…anyways i gotta go…ima bout to head over to Club Ice in a few(False time constraint)…and youre coming with me next week john….iight..ok.. ttyl.”

Step5.If you opened the set, then proceede your gaming as usual with the icebroken and DHV already placed. If they opened you, talk about your DHV story as you would during your attraction phase.

Ex.*They open you*
Girl: Hey…so youre going to Club Ice?
You: Yea, but ima take it easy this time, last week it got too crazy (laugh)
Girl:(laugh)..blah blah
You:Blah blah blah

Ex.2*You open them*
You:Hey guys, i was just heading over to Club Ice, have you been there yet?
Girl:Yea (giving ioi’s) its really fun there, whats your name?
You:Im (name)..blah blah
Girl:Blah blah

Running your game will be easier, as you already DHVd indirectly, and you set an indirect FTC. You can even iniciate a venue change as your FTC validates it. Give it a try guys.


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