Introducing Cyber Warfare

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Cyber warfare is the next frontier of warfare. It is a force that cant be ignored because of the advent of the computer and our dependence on it for so many of our daily operations.

When we think about the concept of warfare we recall the old World War II movies where troops, ships, and airplanes often slugged it out and destroyed everything else in the process leaving behind a smoking, smoldering pile of broken rubble and dead bodies.

Modern warfare is much different and has an entirely different look than the warfare of the past. Technology has changed and so has the nature of warfare. It is prudent in these days to conduct what are known as surgical strikes so as not to unnecessarily harm innocent civilians. Military targets are targets which are significant to the military operation and can hinder the actions of the enemy when they are taken out. A ship building yard would definitely be a target of interest if military ships are being built there but a car parts warehouse would have little military value. Modern weapons are designed to take out one without harming the other, so if the parts warehouse is next to the ship building yard you want to destroy the yard but cause no damage to the warehouse. This is done by the use of weapons such as smart bombs. Smart bombs will hit the target with pinpoint accuracy and can be configured to not be very explosive so as not to cause overkill.

Cyber warfare can be conducted in the same sense. We have a new branch of the US Air Force which is dedicated to Cyber Warfare. It is called the US Cyber Command. An example of a cyber warfare type operation would be cyber troops who would use their skills to take out military computers or those computers which support only military systems. This would not stop the economy of the nation being attacked so this warfare would be almost invisible to its civilian population. The biggest benefit of this is that they wouldnt feel like victims and would be less likely to mount opposition to the attack. This would effectively make it easier to win the battles of their hearts and minds if their help was ever needed in future operations.

Now I believe one example of this new type of warfare can be seen in the events which happened in Iran when they installed the fuel rods in their nuclear reactors and attempted to begin to enrich plutonium. The entire world waited for the air strike on their nuclear facilities which we felt had to happen to prevent them from enriching plutonium. The time came and then passed which would have been the optimum window for this strike which never happened. What happened instead is that the computers that the Iranians needed to conduct their operation came up with a virus which as far as I know continues to hamper their operation. No pilots lives were risked, no aircraft were lost, and no civilians were killed by errant bombs.

I believe that this is a classic example of what the concept of cyber warfare brings to the table. If this is actually what happened, and I sincerely believe that it was, it was an excellent application of the strategy of cyber warfare. Cyber warfare will be able to cover every phase of combat in space, in the air, on land, on the sea, and under the sea. Military Ring Express

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