Blackberry Bold 9780 : Show Your Bold Blackberry

Blackberry is one of such brands in the market which needs no introduction because it has positioned itself in such a way that if someone is thinking of a smart phone then its quite obvious that blackberry will definitely come into the mind as the brand equity of blackberry is very high when compared to any other smart phone manufacturer. Blackberry phones are available on various price ranges which can vary from cheaper black handsets to premium ones but this also depends on the operator which one chooses as most of the blackberry handsets in the UK market are available on Blackberry Bold 9780 Contract deals which offers a variety of handsets.

Talking about the features of this Blackberry Bold 9780 it can be said that it has some exiting features which can allure any customer. Some of the relevant features of  which are quite attractive in Blackberry Bold 9780 such as large display screen with a resolution of 480 by 360 along with full QWERTY keyboard, Blackberry 6 operating system & optical track pad in the center which offers seamless scrolling and navigation that will provide similar experience that is felt only on laptop computer mouse. Moreover it also has a 5 mega pixel camera for video recording and internal GPS for maps and local points of detection along with a 512 MB of internal memory and a 2 GB  media card.

There are several Blackberry Bold 9780 deals from where one can choose this handset which are being offered by major market leaders like O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin, T-Mobile & Three Mobile. Like in one of the tariff plans on T-Mobile (Pay Monthly £25 Unlimited Texts) for a 24 months contract one need to pay only  £25.53 per month & the benefits one can avail are 600 minutes free talk time, 9999 texts, 5 Months FREE Line Rental & many other offers. There are also other players in the market who are offering similar deals but definitely with different tariff plans as it depends on the choice & convenience of the operator.

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