Protect Your Children And Monitor Others With A Keylogger For Mac

Monitoring people on the Internet is often very important, especially when it comes to children. A keylogger is a piece of software that records every keystroke and more. Many keyloggers log applications used and websites visited and some even record screenshots. These features enable you to know exactly what your computer is being used for when you are not even around. It is almost as effective as though you were looking over the shoulder of the person using the computer. For Macintosh users, there are also various options available. A keylogger for Mac can, for example, help you to protect your children online since you will always know what they are up to, who they are chatting with and which websites they are looking at.

While the value of the Internet as an educational tool for children is without question, there are also many undetected dangers out there. The parental control features built into your Macintosh operating system simply aren’t enough by themselves and they will only limit access to certain sites anyway. What’s more is that more computer savvy youngsters can often find a way to circumvent the restrictions. Children can easily run into trouble on the Internet by visiting inappropriate websites, of which there is a great abundance. However, the greatest danger for children with unrestricted access to the Internet is chatting over instant messengers or online chat rooms to posers who may attempt to lure them away from home. Many parents have learned the hard way after not taking the appropriate precautions beforehand.

Children are not the only people that you may want to monitor with a keylogger for Mac, however. You can use a keylogger to monitor anyone using your computer, such as, for example, a spouse. If you suspect your spouse to be communicating inappropriately with a member of the opposite sex over the Internet, a keylogger will reveal absolutely everything.

Getting the Right Keylogger for Mac

One keylogger for Mac which provides the perfect home computer surveillance solution is REFOG Keylogger. The software is easy to use and all you need to do is install it and let it do all of the work for you. The software runs completely invisibly on your Macintosh, so nobody has to know it is running. Even in the unlikely event that someone does find out that it is running in the background, master password protection still makes it impossible to circumvent. The software will regularly send you detailed reports of the online and offline activity of your computer.

REFOG Keylogger for Mac records not only every keystroke, allowing you to read entire conversations and emails, but it also takes periodic screenshots. You can also see which programs have been used and which sites have been visited. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can enjoy complete control over your computer, monitor and protect your children or even save your marriage.

REFOG Keylogger for Mac updates automatically once installed, so you do not have to do anything other than sit back and receive the program’s detailed reports. For more information, visit .

Is there a keylogger for Mac?

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