Map In Your iPhone

iPhones being used by all kind of people around the world. This gadget has been the hot favorite among the people all over the world. There are multiple applications that can be installed in your iPhone which can improve the functionalities. The spotlight search functionality can be changed to save the time. The way in which your iPhone give you the search result can be changed by selecting some icons in the spotlight search. Therefore this application will optimize the search result according to your query.

The map location finder will help someone to get the exact location of you. For you to point out your exact location it is possible for you to add pins to the map. To the bottom right corner of your map you will get the option to mark the location with the help of a pin. After that you can send that location even through an email or message it as a text or can even bookmark it. Once you markĀ  your location with the pin the person who checks your location can even get the directions from where he is standing to you. This is a great function if you get lost somewhere. You can also get location to your car or hotel if you are in a busy place. You can select the pin and drag it to the exact location where you want to place it. This is a great feature provided by the apple company. The purple colored pin when placed and be located easy in the map and other directions will be provided only after fixing the exact location of the pin. With the help of GPS, Wi-Fi and the towers of the cellular connection the map will locate the user.

After placing the pin on the location you choose there are even more function the phone provides. At the left bottom of your display there is an arrow shaped icon. If you click on that then a compass will get activated. This will give all the details about the direction you are located at that moment.

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