A Linux Server operates on a Linux operating system

A website can be designed and hosted web services using a good web hosting site. The web hosting services can be provided by a dedicated server or a server that is taken on rent. This website which runs on the Linux operating system called Linux virtual server. The Linux virtual server load balancing perform advanced operations on Linux systems. These web hosting sites that run on Linux platform enjoy the natural advantages of the operating system Linux.

The first of these is security. Linux itself is based on Unix, and Unix operating system was originally designed to accommodate simultaneous use by multiple users. None of these users can act to another virtual space or the core of the nucleus, hence the whole system is much more impregnable and safe.

One of the most popular web servers in the world is the Apache Web Server. It is compatible with most operating systems. Linux server configuration can be done with Apache install the correct source code. And rpm packages. Deb packages, and then edit the appropriate configuration files.

One of the main reasons for the increasing use of Linux severs mail, other than technical reasons mentioned above, is that it is free. Some popular open source email servers using the Linux platform is Exim, qmail and Qpoppter. Being open source applications software programs are freely shared between users and the source code can be modified by anyone to improve continuity and remove any errors.

The first step in creating a Linux mail server is to install MySQL, Postfix and Courier IMAP packages. After that Postfix must be configured by specifying the server and domain names, together with access restrictions. The detailed procedure can be found on the Postfix. After that MySQL should be configured so that it can be used with Postfix. After creating a new user ID and password, access rights for the new user should be regulated. The final step in the process of making deals with Courier IMAP. After this change in MySQL mode, the user name, password and database tables to store mail should be identified in the relevant areas.

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