Cleaning windows without stripes

first step toward cleaning your windows without leaving stripes is to
purchase the right equipment. You’ll need a good cleaner as well as
good rags or better yet, a squeegee with a soft surface that will
spread the moisture easily. Since most windows simply pick up the dust
and dirt around them over time, cleaning them should be an easy task;
if your windows have heavy-duty cleaning needs you may want to consider
contacting a local window cleaning service to make sure the best job is

For average windows, start with your window cleaner and
squeegee or rag, and make sure if you’re using a ladder to reach
higher-placed windows.

Now that you’re on eye level with the
window you want to clean, you can start cleaning at the top of the
glass, as this will mean that drips and dirt will fall in a downward
direction (towards the ground) rather than dripping over areas you have
already cleaned. Start by spraying your window cleaner on the window,
across the top, then passing your squeegee or cloth over the surface.
Try to use small circular motions to first spread the cleaner over the
glass at first; after this you can be sure to pick up all the dirt and
dust that has settled on your window surface.

When you have wet
the entire surface, it’s time to finish the job! Use downward strokes
in straight lines to complete your the job, and clean your windows
without leaving stripes! Once this is done, since you’ve picked a sunny
day to do your cleaningArticle Search, the windows should dry without stripes in no

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