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Apps listening to your phone?

Northeastern Universtiy year long test of Android phones. For one full year, they monitored a set of Android phones testing 17,000 apps, including Facebook and over 8,000 apps that sent information to Facebook.  This was to see if any of them used the microphone to collect what you were talking about and used that to […]

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Android Phone Security

If your phone has been stolen you’ll struggle to receive it back. It will also enable you to find your phone if lost. To make sure that you phone remains secure it’s strongly advised to continue to keep your software updated. In the event your phone is actually really really old, then look at visiting […]

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Android backup process

Anyway, you should get ClockWorkMod Recovery first. ClockworkMod recovery is easily the most popular recovery. As soon as you’re inside the recovery it is a bit of cake, whether or not you’re using ClockWorkMod or TWRP as recovery. So recover 1 part of information from a complete backup is impossible. You ought to be able […]

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